**These untraced Osgoods have additional information, not shown here, which consists of at least two generations of history with marriage being recorded in the second generation.

b.= born
m.= married.
d.= died.
Res: = resides or residence.

The Missing Osgoods



  • MYRTLE OSGOOD, b.1904; m. CHESTER : 2 DAU.


  • ANNIE E. OSGOOD, d.6/1881 in Irvington.




  • EDWARD L. OSGOOD: Published In 1886 the memorial history of Hartford Cty., Conn.  
  • ISAAC OSGOOD OF Waterbury; (Patented a knife handle in 1887).  
  • Amos Osgood of Wethersfield, Ct.; b. 1847 in Portlaqnd, Me; d. 1941; m. Clara _______; Ch.: Geneva, b. 1916; parents: Robert and Rachael.



  • JOSIAH OSGOOD of Midway,Ga; b. 1773; d. 1803; m. MARY POLLY FLEMMING; b. 1754; d. 1795; Ch.: MARY FLEMMING, b. 1795; d. 1819; m. PETER FARLEY WINN, 1810 Ch.: son, b. 1811; d. 1811; Mary Catharine, b. 1812; d. 1813; Abial, b. 1815; d. 1874.



  • MAURICE B. OSGOOD of Buhl; b.Feb. 1, 1880 in Mass.; d. 1953 in Boise, Idaho; m. ALBERTA  SHERMAN, 9/20/1908; b. 1888 in So. Dakota; CH: Emily B.., drowned on her honeymoon; Sherman Francis , b. 2/8/1911; d.1/1969; Geraldine Lois, b.9/27/1912; d. 1913; Gerald, b.1914; Glen, b. 1914; Raymond, b.1920; also res in Portland Or. in 1920; Maurice and Alberta div.; Sherman married  twice with the following ch.: First Marriage: Donna,dec,; Martin, res. calif,; Second Marriage: Susan V.,  b. 7/16/43; Marianne, b. 7/9/46; Jeanne, b. 6/5/48; Betsey E., b. 10/10/52.   




  • J.W. OSGOOD, m. ROSE H., b.1892; d.7/10/1926.
  • PAUL B. OSGOOD OF Jefferson; b. 4/1885; m. BESSIE MCCULLY, b. 6/1889; FATHER: CHARLES, b. 1855 in KY; MOTHER: SARAH L. (DALE), b. 1860; GRANDPARENTS: b. in N.Y.    


  • WILLIAM H. OSGOOD, b. 1872 in Mass.; m. FLORENCE MCCOIN, 9/1/1894; b.1872; d.1950; CH.: VERNIE B. b. 1897; m. TENNIE CLARK b. 1897; CH.: VELMA R. b. 1922; LARRIE E. b. 1926; Res. Prairie, Ark.;EVA J. b. 1899; (Res. in Greenwood Cty. & Johnson Cty, Hill, Ark. and Wiley Cove, Ark.); FATHER: b. Mass.; MOTHER: b. N.H.


  • CHARLES JR., b.1888; Res: Bedford,Mass.
  • H.T. OSGOOD, d.3/23/1863 in Jessamine Cty. 


  • CHARLES EDWARD  OSGOOD  of Kinder; b. 1876; PARENTS: b. in La. 
  • THECKLAR WEST OSGOOD, b.1885; d.1905 in Westlake.  


  • ALLEN OSGOOD OF Bangor; CH: LIZZIE, b.1862; m. ORLANDO NICHOLAS, 1887.  
  • CHARLES E. OSGOOD, b.1878; (Res.in Boston, Mass. in 1920,unmarried.); PARENTS: b. in Me.  
  • CHARLES H. OSGOOD b.8/1868; m. ROSE b2/1877 in Germany; CH: ESTELLE b.7/1897; MARION b.10/1898; EDITH b.1/1900; FATHER: WILLIAM L. b.1835; res. in Bucksport,Me.; MOTHER: ESTHER b.1842; SISTER: ELLA A. b.1866;CHARLES died prior to 1930; the family resided in Queens,N.Y.     
  • FRANK OSGOOD OF Saco; b.1877; m. DELIA CARD; CH: WILLIAM FRANCIS, b.1896.      
  • HATTIE OSGOOD, b.4/1857; d.2/16/1884 IN No. Windham.
  • GORDON OSGOOD OF Waterford & No. Yarmouth; b.1820; d.1875.
  • HANNAH WIGGIN OSGOOD OF Freeport; CH: CHARLES P.; RES: Boston,Mass.; m. AMANDA BAKER, 1872.
  • HENRY G. OSGOOD OF Portland; m. ESTHER ; CH:CLARA G., b.1856; m. JAMES WAKEFIELD, 1876.
  • ISAAC W. OSGOOD OF Cunberland; m. MARY ; CH: SARAH, b.1864; d.1944  
  • JAMES R. OSGOOD OF Houlton & Mass.; b. 1/1848; m. JULIA or FRANCES E. b. 4/1844; CH: CHARLES S., b. 1874; m. JOANNA SEMPLE 12/18/1904 in Florenceville,Ct.; res. in Houlton,Me.; Ch.: JEAN d. at birth 2/18/1912; CEDRIC S. b. 11/20/1913; m. ROWENA WHITE 11/28/1939; b. 11/13/1911; d. 8/1972.   
  • LORIN OSGOOD OF Fryeberg; (Living in 1907).  
  • NATHAN OSGOOD of Pittsfield,Me. married with the following sons: FRANK, b. 1849; WARREN, b. 1853; DANIEL L., b. 1856.
  • PAULINE OSGOOD OF Blue Hill; b.1898; d.1981; m. MR. FREDERICK.  
  • SAMUEL H. OSGOOD OF Portland; m. HARRIETT M. STOVER; CH: LENA H., b.1863; m. GEORGE F. DREW, 1887 IN Haverhill, Mass.
  • **SAMUEL OSGOOD, m. FANNY ; CH: EMILY, b.1847; m.HUGH RILEY, 1877.
  • VINE OSGOOD OF Lewiston; m. ALONZO COBURN, b.1812; d.1882.
  • WILLIE H. OSGOOD, m. MARIE CORRMIER:CH: MARIE VALENCIA, b.1942; Parents :William John and Sarah (Richardson) Osgood; John died in 1902 in a train wreck (Occ.-engineer) and Sarah died circa 1922.   


  • MADOLIN OSGOOD, d.1893.

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  • AARON OSGOOD, b. 6/8/1977; d. 2/14 /1994 in Salem.     
  • **ALDEN OSGOOD, b.7/4/1912; d.6/21/1992 in Melrose: m. MARJORIE M. WILLIAMS; CH: DAVID OF Windham, N.H. ; FATHER: JAMES; b. in Maine; MOTHER: EDITHE ROLFE b. 1892 in Mass.; m. 1911; Occ.: Mgr for Kohler Plumbing. 
  • ALICE ADELLA OSGOOD of Chelmsford; d.1893     
  • ANNIE M. (BRADBURY) OSGOOD of Boston; d.1903.
  • ASENATH F. OSGOOD of Marblehead; d.1889.
  • BENJAMIN B. OSGOOD of Andover; m. CLARA CATE; CH: GEORGE, b.1880; d.1887.
  • BENJAMIN F. OSGOOD of Lynn; d.1889.
  • BESSIE M. OSGOOD of Falmouth; d.1889.
  • CHARLES OSGOOD of Concord; b.1879.  
  • CHARLES OSGOOD of Peabody; m. ELIZABETH ; CH: LOUISE, b.1847; m. ARCHIBALD ISRAEL; ANNA F. b. 1850; m. GEORGE E. CUMMINGS, 1881 in Medford, Mass. 
  • CHARLES OSGOOD of Bellingham; m. CYNTHIA ; CH: HATTIE A., b.abt 1865; m. EDWARD E. ROCKWOOD, 1888.  
  • CHARLES H. OSGOOD of Medford; b.1874.  
  • CHARLES H. OSGOOD,b. Aug 1844; res. in Phil,Pa. in 1900.  
  • CONNIE OSGOOD of Concord; b.1877; d.1899.
  • DAVID A. OSGOOD of Haverhill; b.1849; m. JENNIE M. GRACE, 1870(His mother was SARAH & his father was ORLEANDER.) 
  • DONALD OSGOOD of Watertown; d.1903.
  • EDITH M. OSGOOD of Brockton; d.1889.  
  • EDWARD F. OSGOOD of Framingham; d.1889.
  • EDWIN OSGOOD of Medford; b. 1826 in Mass.; m. MARGARET ; CH: BENJAMIN F., b. 1853; m. PAULINE HASKELL, 12/31/1874; b. 1857; Res.: Norwood; Occ.: railroad shop; JOHN, b. 1865.   
  • ELLA E. (BALLARD) OSGOOD of Lynn; d.1904.    
  • FRANCES B. (CURTIS) OSGOOD of Templeton; d.1903.
  • FRANK R OSGOOD of Boston and Milton, Mass; b. 1887 in Mass. Parents born in Maine; m. Mary A._______; b. 1885; Occ.: laborer; Ch.: Warren, b. 1912; Eden, b. 1913; Anna, b. 1915; Harold c., b. 1924; Rita, b. 1927. 
  • FRANK L. OSGOOD of Boston; d.1902.
  • FRANK D. OSGOOD of Quincy; b.1838; m. JENNIE R., b. 1838;  CH: CHARLES H., b.1872; m. SOPHIE, b. 1/1874; HARRY, b 1877; SOPHIE, b. 1882.  
  • FRED H. OSGOOD of Holliston; m. VICTORY REARDON; CH: FRANK H., d.1891 an infant.
  • FREDERICK B. OSGOOD of Lowell; d.1901.
  • FREDERICK M.OSGOOD of Boston; d.1886.
  • G. OSGOOD of Salem; b.1787; d.1893.
  • G.C. OSGOOD OF West Chelmsford; (Minister).
  • GEORGE OSGOOD of Framingham; b. 1824; m. ELIZABETH, b. 1826; CH: ELIZABETH W., b. 1855; m. GEORGE A. GENNISON, 1881; Ch.; CLARA C.,b. 1847; Simon w., b. 1857 
  • GEORGE B. OSGOOD, b. 1905; Res.: Somerville, Mass. and Concord, N.H.; m. Eunice Ballard, 9/15/1932; div. 2/2/1934; d. 3/1979; Occ.: salesman 
  • GEORGE C. of Boston; b.1877.
  • GEORGE E. OSGOOD of Boston; b.1876; m. BERTHA B.,1900 in Boston;  b.1875; Ch: RICHARD, b. 1901; residing in Medford in 1920. 
  • GEORGE H. OSGOOD OF CHARLTON; b.1890; Mother: ELLEN F. ( WHITNEY) CATHE; b. 1854; Brothers: HERBERT W, b. 1882; FRED M. b. 1887; no father listed in 1900 census. 
  • GERTRUDE L. OSGOOD of Lexington; DAU SARAH F., b. 4/18/1870; m. GEORGE WYMAN RUSSELL.
  • GLADYS V. OSGOOD of Boston; d.1902.
  • GRACE E.M. MOULTON of Lynn; d.1903.
  • HANNAH M.(PARKER) OSGOOD of Boston; d.1842.    
  • HAROLD OSGOOD of Chelsea; d.1901. 
  • HAROLD D. OSGOOD of Newburyport; d. 1903   
  • HELEN OF WHATLEY; b.1866; m. WILLIAM FULLER, 1891; b.1860; CH: LESLIE, b.1891; DOROTHY, b.1893.  
  • IRVING J OSGOOD of Mass. and Pinellas, Fla.; b. Apr. 17, 1905; d. Mar 1975; m. Rita Farrell, May 1, 1925; Ch.: Barbara A., b. Mar. 10, 1937; m. Mr. Lawrence: Father: Clinton P.; Mother: Evangiline________ or Winnifred Winter.
  • ISAAC F. OSGOOD of Salem; m. NELLIE E. ; CH: FRED PARKER, d.1879, an infant.
  • ISABEL OSGOOD of Boston; d.1902.
  • ISABEL (MARTIN) OSGOOD of Salem; d.1904.  
  • JAMES S. OSGOOD of Watertown; m. ELIZABETH KNIGHT; CH: JAMES A., d.1872, an infant.
  • JARVAIS H. OSGOOD of Boston; m. NELLIE ; CH: WALTER W. T., d.1875.
  • JOHN OSGOOD of Westwood; m. SARAH ; CH: EDWARD H., MARY E. NICHOLS, 1871. 
  • JOHN C. OSGOOD of Boston; m. JANE ; CH: WILLIE J., d.1873, an infant.
  • JOHN CRAFTS OSGOOD, d.1905.  
  • JOSEPH OSGOOD of Boston; m. ANN ; CH: HATTIE, m. GEORGE MACOMBER, 1883.  
  • JOSEPH OSGOOD of Plymouth; m. ELIZABETH A. , b.1815; d.1892.
  • JOSIAH OSGOOD of Waltham; m. ELIZABETH ; CH: SAMUEL, b.1801; d.1874.  
  • KATIE OSGOOD of Gardiner; d.1886.
  • LORA M. OSGOOD of Amherst; d.1886.  
  • LUCY EDITH OSGOOD, d.1903.
  • LYMAN OSGOOD of Amesbury; B. 5/1865; d.1902; m. MARY________; b. 10/1867; Occ.: painter 
  • MABEL C. (SIELBY) of Winchester & Newburyport; d.1902.
  • MARTHA (BADGER) OSGOODofF Somerville; d.1904.
  • MARY (ROBERTS) OSGOOD of Lowell; d.1905.
  • MARY C. (NEWTON) OSGOOD of Barre; d.1901.
  • MARY L. OSGOOD of Boston; d.1886.
  • MARY V. (MOVERS) OSGOOD of Amesbury; d.1904.
  • MOSES OSGOOD of Newburyport; m. SARAH H.
  • ADAMS; CH: EMMA, b.1859; d.1875.
  • PAUL WILLIAM OSGOOD of Waltham; d.1903.  
  • **RICHARD V. OSGOOD of Plymouth; m. EMILY HOWARD; CH: LIZZIE R., m. HENRY W. CURTIS, 1885.
  • ROSEMARY OSGOOD of Boston; d.1904.     
  • SARAH T. (ROWAN) of Cambridge; b. 1840 in N.J.; d. 1901; m. 1870; parents born in N.Y.
  • SIMEON OSGOOD of Beverly; poss. born in 1819 in Vt.; served in military in 1851; m. CHARLOTTE ; CH: ANNA W., b.1846; m. SAMUEL F. WOODBURY, 1876.
  • SMITH OSGOOD b. 1800; res. Newburyport; m. Ruth BROWN ;Ch,: AMANDA,b.1832; MATILDA, b.1834; HANNAH b.1836; CHARLES, b.1838; EDWIN b. 1841; LAWRENCE b.1846.   
  • TAYLOR OSGOOD of Charlestown; m. LIOVA G. ; CH: TAYLOR, b.1857; m. ANNIE E. SULLIVAN, 1878. 
  • THOMAS OSGOOD of Boston; m. MARY ; CH: MARY b.1855; m. MATHEW ENGLISH, 1885
  • VALENTINE OSGOOD of Hopkinton, Mass.; Dau.: ANNIE G., b. 1863; m. FREDERICK E. LATHAM, 1884 in Marlboro.  
  • WILLIAM OSGOOD of Brockton; m. MARY ; CH: SARAH E., m. WILLIAM L. OSBORNE, 1/6/1874.
  • WILLIAM B. OSGOOD of Lowell; d.1889.
  • **WILLIAM F. OSGOOD of Haverhill; m. HARRIET G.______ of Halifax; CH: KATE C., m. ORRIN F. DODGE, 1873.
  • WILLIAM OSGOOD of Haverhill; m. SARAH J. SMITH, b.1826.
  • WILLIAM B. OSGOOD of Andover; m. LOUISA ; CHILD, b.1885.  
  • WILLIAM OSGOOD of Boston; m. DOROTHY C. ; CH: ADELINE S., b.1809; d.1875.  
  • WILLIAM H. OSGOOD of Barre; d.1889.


  • ELEN OSGOOD, b.1799; d. 1893
  • SAMUEL OSGOOD, b. 1826 in Ohio; m. Mary Ann Tufts, Jan. 17, 1849; b, 1828 in Mi.; Ch.: Ellen, Finnie, Minnie; Res.: Byron, Mi.
  • SALOME OSGOOD, b.1832; d.1904; (May be connected to #1591, John Line, in Morenci, Mich.First Book).)  


  • HERBERT L. OSGOOD, b.1/23/1927; d.2/5/1927 in Grand River.
  • MILDRED L.(BOLEY) OSGOOD, b. 1/4/1915;  d. 10/17/1997 in Chillicothe; may have res. in Aurora. 

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  • A.A. OSGOOD of Concord; m. EVA J. CARTER abt 1860; CH: FOREST E., b.1862; d. 11/1882; Res: Framingham, Mass.; CHARLES O., b. 1874; Res.: Concord; m. MARY MCCAULEY, 1/8/1894; JESSE L. b. 1884; d. 1884; RENTON C., b. 1877; d. 1877.   
  • ANDREW J. OSGOOD of Exeter; m. ABBIE A. ROBINSON(GLOVER); CH: MATILDA, b. abt.1860; m. EDWARD GIROUX, 1885.
  • ANNIE W.(NORRIS) OSGOOD of Concord; b.1877; d.1899.
  • BENJAMIN OSGOOD of Manchester; d.1885; m. CLARA ; CH: NELLIE, d.1915; SARAH, d.1889.
  • BERTHA M. (CLARK or LAWRENCE) OSGOOD, b.1873 in Vt.; d.1964 in Conway; m. GEORGE FOREST OSGOOD,b. 2/3/1873 in Vt.; d. 1943; CH: SOLOMON S. b. 1908; Parents: DANIEL F. and LUCY (FLOWERS) OSGOOD, b. 1850 in Woodstock,Vt.; res. in Hartland, Vt. (somehow connected to the family of #1094,who also lived in Hartland, and a Solomon S. is a nephew of #1094.)  
  • CAROLINE S. OSGOOD of Plaistow b.1854 inj Mass.; d.1908; m. SAMUEL K. FOWLER, b.1853; d.1910;( in 1880 she was a divorcee working for the FOWLER family in Newton, N.H.. )    
  • CHARLES W. OSGOOD of Manchester; m. ALICE ; div.
  • CHESLEY OSGOOD, b. 6/30/1932; d. 4/6/1993; Res,: Exeter, Dover, and Newmarket. (may be connested to Joseph Chesley Osgood of Durham.)
  • CLARENCE C. OSGOOD of Manchester; m. RUTH LIDELINGER; Ch.: RUTH K., m. EDWARD R. DROHAN,1931.       
  • ELIJAH OSGOOD of Pittsfield; m. MARY ; CH: JAMES, m. JOSEPHINE NOYES of Newburyport,  9/2/1875.
  • ELINOR (SMITH) OSGOOD of Conway; b.1830; d.1912.
  • ELIZA J.(WASON) OSGOOD of Raymond; b.1850; d.1899.  
  • ELIZA(ELDER) OSGOOD, b.1815; d.1889.
  • ELLA M. OSGOOD of Plainfield, m. GEORGE W. SEVERANCE, 1881.
  • EMMA (SIMPSON) OSGOOD of Nottingham; b.1794; d.1892.
  • EMMA G.(STANNARD) OSGOOD of Concord; b.1851; d.1906.  
  • FRANK H. OSGOOD, m. JOSIE A. ; CH: R. WINNIE b.1870; d.1877.
  • FRED C. OSGOOD of Claremont; m. MARY L. .
  • FREDERICK M. OSGOOD of Stratford; b.1918; d.1978; CH: PATRICIA, b.1953; d.1954.
  • GEDMAN M. OSGOOD of Claremont; m. MARJORIE BACON, 1947.    
  • GEORGE C. OSGOOD (Minister in Littleton at time of Civil War).  
  • GEORGE E. OSGOOD of Claremont; m. HAZEL M. WHITE, 1946.    
  • GEORGE I. OSGOOD of Belmont; m. MARY I. SANBORN; CH: IVA M., b.1881; by 1900 he res. in Gardner, Mass with his sister Mary Sawyer; he was alive in 1930 in Gardiner at age eighty-five. 
  • GEORGE T. OSGOOD of Concord; b.1869; d.1916.                                                        
  • IRENA L. OSGOOD of Boscowen; m. ISAAC WALDRON, 1865.
  • IVA M. OSGOOD of Laconia & Gilford; m. ARTHUR L. WHITTEN, 1899; d.1967.
  • JAMES OSGOOD of Concord; b.1814; d.1858.
  • JAMES A.OSGOOD of Portsmouth; m. ELIZABETH ; CH: FRANK A., b.1854; m. BELL MANSON, 2.28/1875; Occ.: Butcher. (Frank may have died before 1878 as his wife remarried George Shattuck on 1/1/1878.) 
  • JAMES A. OSGOOD of Waterville; m. AXIE M. BELL(AMANDA); CH: JAMES H., m. NELLIE F. BROWN, 4/20/1897.( James H. may have married ADDIE M. LENNOTT in Boston in 1890.)  
  • JANE OSGOOD of Raymond; b.1814; d.1864; m. JOHNATHAN F. PAGE.
  • JENNIE (MAGLOUGHLIN) OSGOOD of Derry; b.1854 on Prince Edward Island; her parents were born in Scotland; d.1935; div. prior to 1920. 
  • JOHN OSGOOD of Ossipee; m. NANCY ; CH: DAU, b.1886.  
  • JOHN OSGOOD of Meridith; b.1877; m. LEAH PRESCOTT.
  • JOHN B. OSGOOD of Durham; m. SARAH A. ; CH: FRANK, b.1857, m. JESSIE H. HAY, 1880.  
  • JOHN K. OSGOOD of Canterbury; d.1854; m. A. AUGUSTA , b.1832; d.1874.
  • JOHNATHAN OSGOOD of Jefferson; m. SALINA STILLING; CH: BENJAMIN F., b.1825; d.1894.
  • JOSEPH CHESLEY OSGOOD of Durham; m. SUSANNA ; CH: SOPHIA W., b.1813; d.1880.
  • JOSEPHINE OSGOOD of Claremont; b.1885; d.1942.
  • JOSIAH G. OSGOOD of Exeter; m. BETSEY A. ; CH: FLORA I. b.1854; m. FOREST BARKER, 1881, in Worcestor, Mass.  
  • LENNO OSGOOD of Concord & Gilford; b.1853; m. ELVA BLANCHARD, 1871.
  • LUCIUS D. OSGOOD of Concord; m. HARRIETT W. O'CONNOR, b.1841; d.1937.
  • MAMMIE (CONNOR) OSGOOD of Manchester; b.1870; d.1898. 
  • MARY OSGOOD of Rumney; m. LYMAN SPAULDING (may be connected to PERRY LYMAN SPAULDING b. in Rumney on 1/25/1889)
  • MARY(MARSH)OSGOOD; CH: CHARLES C. of Portsmouth and Woburn, N.H.; b.1873; m. MARION R. WOLFE or ROLFE,  b. 4/28/1887; d. 9/29/1937 in Dunbarton, N.H.; Ch.: child, b. 4/22/1922; RUTH V., b. 1928; Occ.: Machinist. 
  • MARY S. OSGOOD of Gilford; poss. b. 5/1862; m. URIAH MORRISSON, 1880; b. 1818 and Res. in Gilmanton; this was a second marriage for URIAH;  poss. div. by 1900 and res. with sister CARRIE, b. 3/1866; m. DANIEL SWETT, b. 7/1858. 
  • MARY (PIERCE) OSGOOD of Northfield; b.1816; d.1896.
  • MILDRED M. OSGOOD of Dover; b.1901; d.1974; m. FRED GILPATRICK, b.1888; d.1959; Ch.: Phyllis, b. 1923. 
  • MINER OSGOOD of Epping; b.1870.  
  • MUELVOS OSGOOD of Raymond; m. CLARA A. , 1873; b.1855.  
  • ORRIN OSGOOD of Northumberland; b. 1832; m. DELIA M. b. 1847; res, Milton,N.Y.; CH.: CARRIE A. b. 1871; MARY J. b. 1873; NELLIE L. b. 1879.
  • PAULINE OSGOOD of Halfmoon Town; b. Oct.1875; Ch.: MAUD, b. July 1896; HELEN R, b. Feb. !895.
  • POLINA S. OSGOOD of Sanbornton; b.1790; m. WILLIAM T. KIMBALL.
  • RACHAEL T. OSGOOD of Sanbornton; b.1830; d.1873; m. JOSH EATON.
  • RUTH OSGOOD of Concord; b.1819; d.1893; worked in a cotton mill and was a patient in an insane asylum in 1880; dau. of an OSGOOD.    
  • SAMUEL OSGOOD of Ridgeway, Pa. and Laconia; b. 1/20/1817; d. prior to 1880; m. ELIZA C. HYDE, b. 3/27/1819; d.1876; CH: FRANK J., b.1842; d.1910; m. EMMA; Ch.: AMY, b. 1873; DOTTIER, b. 1879; GEORGE H., b. 1844; KATE JANE, b. 1846; CLARA H., b. 1848; ADDIE M., b. 1853; ANNIE M., b. 1856; SAMUEL was an innkeeper and a hairdresser. 
  • SAMUEL OSGOOD of Auburn; m. HANNAH ; CH: ABBY S., b.1816; d.1885.
  • SAMUEL V. OSGOOD, m. SARAH ; CH: GERTRUDE, b.1817; d.1884.
  • SARAH J. OSGOOD, m. LEVI RICHMOND MERRILL, 1835; b.1810; d.1882 (He moved from Farmington to Aurora, Ind.)
  • SARAH OSGOOD of Seabrook; CH: ISADORE FOSS, b. 1946 in Me.;  m. ALPHONSE LUFKIN, 1874.
  • SARAH J. OSGOOD of Plainfield; m. JAMES WHITTIER, 1847.
  • STELLA JAYCOX OSGOOD, b.1879; d.1966 in Conway; may have married CHARLES C OSGOOD, b. 6/1872; Res, in Walpole and Concord.; Ch.: WALTER, b. 1896; FLORENCE, b. 1900; Myrtyle, b. 1901.   
  • TRUE OSGOOD of Raymond and Chester; b.1799; m. BETSEY , b.1802; d.1880; CH: CHARLOTTE, b.1828; d.1833; Horace E., b. 1843; m. MARGARET E. COOPER, 1894; d. 1937; Res,: Exeter. 
  • **WILLIAM OSGOOD of Greenland; m. OLIVE ; CH: MARY CATE, m. BENOUI LOCKWOOD, 1873 in Peabody, Mass.
  • WILLIAM H. OSGOOD of Hampton; b. 1890-1892 in Me.; m. 1st ANNIE STROUT, b.1892;  2nd MARY MAHONEY; CH: (First Wife) DOROTHY E., m. MARTIN T. FOLEY, 6/22/1933; (Second Wife) EDWARD, m. EVELYN DONOVAN 7/30/1942; Parents born in Me.
  • WILLEY J. OSGOOD of Columbia; b. 4/1853; m. EUNICE DOUSE; b. 4/1859 in N.Y.; CH: ROLAND L., b. 4/1889 in Vt; EARL, b. 6/1894 in N.H.; JESSIE, b. 3/1897 in N.H.; father born in Mass. 

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  •  ADDIE OSGOOD, b. in N.J. 9/4/1911; d. 9/1877 in Newark. 
  •  ANNIE W., b. 1844; in N.J. Res. : Phil., Pa. in 1880; parents born in N.J. 
  •  MINNIE G. OSGOOD, b. Sept. 1868; res. in Manhattan with  her sister Annie Love in 1900 as a widow.




  • ANN OSGOOD of Pike Town; b. Aug 1866 in Wales; widowed in 1900; Ch.: May (ROSE), b.1890; John Damon, b. Oct. 13, 1893; d. 6/1983 in N.Y.; husband born in N.Y.; remarried GEORGE PERKIS in Piketown. 
  • ARTHUR OSGOOD Of Manhattan; he was a lodger in the 1900 census in the home of Marie Barry; age and place of birth unknown. 
  • AVINA OSGOOD of Hamilton Cty.; b. Sept 1873.   
  • BURT J. OSGOOD,b. 12/1869; res. Bradford City, Pa. in 1900; Salamanca, N.Y. in 1910; m. CARRIE M., b. 1879; dau FLOSSIE, b. 1/1899; parents born in N.Y.
  • CHARLES OSGOOD of Manhattan, b. Oct 1859 in Conn.; parents born in N.Y. 
  • **CHARLES OSGOOD, b. circa 1890 in Conn.; m. LORETTA MYM, b. 1892 in Md.; CH: CHARLES H., b.1915; in 1920 LORETTA was in Manhattan with son CHARLES; in 1930 the son CHARLES lived in Norwalk, CT. with aunt and uncle Frank and Maude Hyde; the son CHARLES H. married JEAN M. WIGLEY on 9/6/1935; his occ. was salesman.   
  • CHARLES ERWIN OSGOOD, b. 2/1853 in N.Y.; m. Effie JANE HULSAVER, b. 1864 in Mass.; CH: Effie Alberta,b. !897 in Westford,Mass.;d. 1940; CHARLES E. JR. b 1893; LEON, b. 1902; m. JOSEPHINE SPENCER; Ch: ALICE, GRACE, EFFIE;  Nephew: GEORGE PETTIT OSGOOD of Cambridge, Mass. and Concord, N.H.; b. 2/28/1881 in Canajoharie, N.Y.; d. 7/19/1971 in Worthington, Mass. m. MAUDE YOUNG, b. 1872; CH: BERNICE,b 1907; GEORGE E. b. 1912; HOWARD  WILLIAM, b. 1914; WILMA b. 1915; FRANCIS b. 1921; Brother;:JOSEPH A. OSGOOD, m. ZORAH HUTCHINS (Parents of GEORGE PETIT.) The 1892 census in Canajoharie, N.Y. showed Sylvia Osgood, b. 1853 and Henry Osgood, b. 1854 residing with CHARLES ERWIN and GEORGE PETIT.
  • CHARLES S. OSGOOD of Schenectady, b. Jan. 1835; m. Sarah, b. July 1835 in N.J.; Father: JOSEPH, b.1800; m. MARTHA HUTT, b. 1758; d. 4/26/1883; Grandfather: THOMAS, b. 1750; d. 1826; m. ANN_______. (This is a poss. lineage.)
  • CROCKER OSGOOD of Paladine Bridge, b. 1833 in VT.; married and working as a coachman in 1880 for the DAVIS family.   
  • EDWIN OSGOOD of Penn Yan; b. Feb. 1871; may be EDWIN S., m. MARY C. TURNER, b. 1883; Ch: KENNETH W., b. 1914; IVAN T., b. 1916; BARBARA W. b. 1919; WINNIFRED L., b. 1923; Res. in Watkins Glen and was a telegraph operator.
  • ELIZABETH OSGOOD of Bergertown; b. June 1824; a widow in 1900; ten children born to the marriage. 
  • ELIZABETH (ABERCROMBRE) OSGOOD, of Manhattan; b. Mar 1842 in Md.; living with her brother in 1900.  
  • EMMA OSGOOD of Manhattan b. Mar 1864, m. G.M.,b. Apr.1848 in Mass,
  • FRANK OSGOOD, m. REBECCA A. ; CH: MARTHA E., b.1848; d.1889.
  • GEORGE R. OSGOOD of Syracuse, b. Sept. 1869 in Montana; father born in Calif; mother in Nebraska; occ.: cigar maker.  
  • GEORGE W. OSGOOD of New York City; m. LUCY ARMSTRONG; CH: MARY J., m. MARK LEWIS, 1876.
  • GEORGE OSGOOD res. with his mother-in-law,Kate Weiss.   
  • HENRY OSGOOD, b. Nov 1840; prisoner in Clinton Prison in 1900; widower; parents born in N.Y.
  • HENRY OSGOOD of Bolton; b. Aug 1855; res. with nephew GEORGE OSGOOD, b. 1879; single; parents born in N.Y.  
  • HOWARD HARRISON OSGOOD of Buffalo and Rochester; b. Mar. 1881; m. KATE (CATHERINE); b. 1880 in N.Y.; mother, ELLA M. b. 9/1864; widowed in 1900; Occ.: construction foreman.  
  • IRVIN OSGOOD, b. June 1880 in Pa.; res. in Elmira; Father born in N.Y..   
  • JESSIE OSGOOD of Amsterdam; b. May 1874; Mother, REBECA b. May 1835 in Pa.;m. SADIE CHRISTINE ROGGE; son JESSE GEORGE b. 2/16/1911; d. 12/21/1963 in Santa Clara, Calif. 
  • LEAH BELLE OSGOOD of Frankfort, Herkemer Cty.; b. July 1884; lived with her grandfather,William Crosby in 1900; her mother was probably a Crosby. 
  • LYDA OSGOOD, b. May 1851; widowed; inmate in Clinton prison in 1900;  father born in N.Y.    
  • M. EVELYN of Ramapo; Occ.: school teacher.
  • MARY OSGOOD of Brooklyn,b. 1838; Dau. Carrie, b. Dec. 1871.     
  • SAMUEL OSGOOD, of Brooklyn,NY; b. Nov. 1867; m. Marian, 1893; b. Oct. 1870; Ch.: Blanche, b. May 1895; Lillian, b. Sept. 1897; Occ.: carpet layer.
  • SARAH OSGOOD of Manhattan; b. Sept 1832 in Mich; dau m. CHARLES FYLER.
  • STAR OSGOOD of Lockport; b. Jan 1884; in 1900 living with UNCLE, FRANK ROCKWELL.; poss. connection to a son of Silas #1278 in the John line.   
  • WILLIAM OSGOOD, m. ABBY ; CH: CLARISSA, b.1804; d.1880.
  • WILLIAM OSGOOD, of Saratoga b. 1830; m. SUSAN, b. 1832; Ch.: JAMES, b. 1850; JANE, b. 1853; a brother,JAMES DEEN, lived with them.


  • JACK OSGOOD of Orange Cty.; b. 10/9/1967; Father: Clayton Russell Osgood of Revere, Mass and Calif.; m. second, JOLI; Dau: Amanda; stepdaughter to Joli. 
  • POLLY OSGOOD, b.CIRCA 1778; d.1881; m. JOHN MCCLAIN, b.2/18/1792; d.12/31/1879 (Buncombe Cty.).


  • ANNA M. OSGOOD, interred 8/22/1881 in Hamilton Cty.  
  • CHARLES OSGOOD,b. 7/1864; res. Erie City,Pa. in 1900, m. Eva B., b. June 1875; parents born in N.Y.       
  • STEPHAN OSGOOD, interred 1/5/1885 in Hamilton Cty.
  • WILLIAM OSGOOD , b. June 1863;res. Batavia,NY.; m. MAUD of Canada; b. Mar 1874. 


  • DENNIS OSGOOD, b.1839; d.1893. 


  • CHARLES H. OSGOOD, b. 8/1871; m. MABEL,b. 12/1875; CH: MARION, b. 8/1896.(Res.in 1900: Brookline,Mass.) ; parents born in Pa.
  • CHARLES A. OSGOOD, b. 1854 in Pa.; d. before 1900; m. MARY A. IRVIN, b. 6/1855; Ch.: CHARLES A., b. 5/1883; LAURA E., b. 7/1885; JOHN A., b. 10/1887; Res,: Allegheney City.
  • FRED OSGOOD, b. 1885; res. in Big Flats Town in N.Y. in 1900 with his uncle and aunt EDWARD and LORENA CRUMB; she could be a sister of FRED'S father and was born 10/1851. 
  • HARRIET OSGOOD,b. 1872 in Ohio; res. in Pittsburg,Pa.; parents born in Ohio; Occ.: kindergarten teacher. 
  • HIRAM OSGOOD of Kingsley; b. 6/21/1828; d. 1/21/1880; m. CHRISTIANA SCHELACE, 10/6/1851 in Tionesta; b. 9/11/1832; d. 8/13/1906; Ch.: JAMES EDWARD; GEORGE W, b. 7/4/1852; JENNIE H. (JONES), b. 1/26/1858; JOHN R., b. 7/28/1858; WILLIAM L., b. 8/12/1859; WARREN BARNHART, b. 1862; MAUD LAVINA (RUDOLPH), b. 9/8/1864; ANNA CHRISTIANA (BEHRENS), b. 5/6/1868; Father: JOHN, b. 1794 in either Pa. or N.Y.; Brothers: JOHN, EPHRAIM, ROBERT; all res. in Forest or Venango Counties. In 1840 John Osgood was in Tionesta, Venango County, Pa. with his wife and five children. In 1850 he was in Plum, Venango Cty. with no family.  
  • JAMES OSGOOD, d.1/19/1870 @ age 21 in NorthCumberland Cty.; could be a brother of JOHN and THOMAS OSGOOD, who were born in England and res, in Cameron, Pa., North Cumberland Cty. 
  • JOSEPH A. OSGOOD of Scranton; b. 4/1853; m. MARY A.,b.1873; Ch.: BERTHA, b. Nov. 1892; MARIA , b. Apr. 1895; JOSEPH, b. May 1897; ELIZABETH, b. Oct. 1899; parents born in Pa. 
  • LEVI W. OSGOOD,b. Dec. 1877; res. Erie City; may be related to CHARLES of Erie City (see Ohio Missing Osgoods); widowed in 1900; parents born in Pa.
  • LOUISA OSGOOD, of Philedelphia; b. 7/1850; m. in 1870; Occ.: rugmaker. 
  • MOSES LOUIS OSGOOD, b. 1837 in N.H.; m. MARGARET, b. 1842 in N.Y.; Ch.: FRANK, b. 1872 in N.Y.; res. Meadville City; parents born in N.H.; Occ.: Lace engineer.    
  • MYRTLE OSGOOD, b.in Little Marsh; m. HARRY CAMPBELL, b.1874; Res: Elmira, N.Y.
  • WILLIAM PAUL OSGOOD of Pittsburg; b. 9/1941; Res: Olympia, Wa.; m.& div. AUDELL L. ; CH: (Two teenage sons in 1993.)

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  • EBEN OSGOOD, m. NELLIE M. , b.1844; d.1915.


  • CHARLES OSGOOD of Caldwell; b. 1825 in N.H.; m. Hannah_______,circa 1845-1850 in N.H.; b. 1828 in N.H.; Ch.: GEORGE, b. 1854 in Pa.; m. Mary,b 1856; SAMUEL, b. 1859 in Pa.; m SALVATRICE MONTAGMINO, b 1900; Res. San Marcos; Ch.: CHARLES, b 1920; HANNAH, b. 1922; JOSEPHINE, b 1923; SAMUEL, b 1927; JOHN K. b. 1939; m. NANCY C. WORD, 1962; b. 1942; Res. Austin.
  • KINGSLEY OSGOOD of Corpus Christi circa 1850-1855;  CH: SUSAN MARGARET, b.abt.1852. (In 1870 she was in Ill.); Kingsley was a member of the U.S. Dragoons; His sister JULIA married HENRY MARTIN.  


  • ABEL OSGOOD of Dummerston; m. ELIZABETH KNIGHT; CH: MARY J., b.1844; m. HARRY W. MUGGER, 1889 in Fitchburg, Mass.   
  • FRANCES OSGOOD, b.1878; Res: New Bedford, Mass.  
  • REV. R.D. OSGOOD, installed 1/1/1879 1st Congo Church in Lyndon.
  • REV E.Q.S. OSGOOD OF Brattleboro in 1879.
  • SETH OSGOOD of Mt. Holly; m. HANNAH ; CH: RELIEF, b.1817; d.1887.
  • WILLIAM OSGOOD of Bolton; b.1880 (Both parents born in Vt.)
  • WILLIAM OSGOOD, m. PAULINA B. ; CH: HENRIETTA GOULD;b.1851; d.1879; EDWARD M., m. LILLY BLAKE; IDA M., b.1874; d.1879.
  • WILLIAM H. OSGOOD; Res: Manchester, N.H.; m. SARAH A. GATES; CH: WILLIAM, b. 1900.   




  • **ABEL OSGOOD; m. GLADYS abt 1923; b. 1902;  CH:  VIRGINIA, b. 1920; CHARLOTTE, b. 1922; BERNARD, b. 1924; d. 1992; BETTY LOU, b. 1929; Father: Abel W., b. 1838 in Putney, Vt.; Mother: Elsie, b. 1845 in Vt.; Siblings: RAY O, b. 1871; EDITH M, b. 1875; PEARL, b. 1878; ELLEN, b 1880; Grandfather: CHARLES, b 1800 in Mass.; Grandmother: ANGELINE, b 1803 in Vt.; Aunt: SARAH, b. 1841; Res. Penn, Minn. and Fon du luc, Wisc.
  • CARL OSGOOD, m. ELLA T. , mid 1930'S (Wash. Cty.).
  • CHARLES OSGOOD of Bergen; b.1878.
  • MRS. TILLIE OSGOOD, m. AUSTIN S. , 1930'S.
  • WILLIAM OSGOOD, b.2/1791; d.3/1892 in Lorraine Union; BELINDA TERPENNY, 1851 in New Richmond; b. 1807 in N.Y.; d. 1880; Res.: Star Prairie and New Richmond 



MISSING OSGOODS WHO HAD A SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER: (Let me know if any of these Osgoods belong to you.)    


ANNIE: b. 3/1/1870 in Mass.; d. 6/1978 in Mass.; Father: Charles H. 


BERTHA: b.11/4/1893 in Pa.; d. 1/1981 in N.Y.; Parents: Joseph H. and Mary.


CARL: b. 1/26/1915 in Pa.; d. 4/1991; Parents: Harry R. and Viola R.; Grandparents: George and Mary.


CAROLYN: b. 4/28/1914 in N.Y.; d. 3/1986 in Ct.; Parents: Fred W. and Marion of Akron,Oh.


CATHARINE: b. 5/11/1893 in N.Y.; d. 7/15/1990; Husband: Robert.


CATHERINE: b. 12/13/1928 in Wisc. or Ia.; d. 6/1987; Parents: Edwin and Ida.


CECELIA: b. 7/25/1897 in Mi.; d. 1/1970; Husband: Harold I.


CHARLES F.: b. 5/16/1905 in N.Y.; d. 12/1981 in N.Y.; Parents: Charles F. and Ada; Grandparents: William and Carrie; Greatparents: William and Laura.


CHARLES D.: b. 7/11/1905 in Mass.; d. 6/1976 in Mass.; Parents: Walter and Eva.


CHARLES: b. 6/10/1925 in Mi.; d. 9/1967; Mother: Emma.


CLARA: b. 5/23/1892 in N.Y.; d. 5/30/1988 in N.Y.; Parents: Frank and Vellie; Grandparents: John W. and Beancy.


DANIEL: b. 10/14/ 1920 in N.Y.; d. 10/1983; Parents: John J. and Elizabeth.


DOROTHY: b. 1/16/1907 in Mass.; d. 1/1972 in Mass.; Husband: Ivan E.


DOROTHY: b. 6/15/1917 in N.Y.; d. 8/1972; Parents: Fred D. and Winnie.


DUANE: b. 10/19/1926 in Mn.; d. 5/1975; Parents: Forest and Cecelia; Grandparents:Truman and Anna.


EDITH A.: b. 10/22/1881 in Mass.; d. 1/1977 in Mass.; Husband: Harry R.; Mother-in -Law: Jennie R.


EDITH: b. 12/12/1887 in Mass.; d. 9/1976; Husband: George.


EDITH (Bushey): b. 4/6/1889 in Ca.; d. 1/1983 in Ca.; Husband: Calvin.


EDITH (Barnes): b. 7/1/1891 in Mi.; d. 10/1982; Son: John B.;Husband: JOHN OSGOOD of Avon Mich.


EDITH M.: b. 5/18/1898 in Me.: d. 2/1989; Husband: Edware G. in Lebanon,Me.


EDNA: b. 10/17/1888 in N.Y.; d. 8/1972 in Me.; Husband: Fred.


EDWARD: b. 2/13/1895 in N.H.; d. 11/1962 in N.H.; Parents: Samuel and Florence L.


EDWARD: b. 10/27/1900 in Ill.; d. 11/1986 in Wisc.; Mother: Mary.


EDWIN: b.9/11/1902 in N.Y.; d. 7/1974 in Wisc.; Parents: Lewis K. and Karie in Binghamton,N.Y.; Grandparents: H.B. and Lydia.


ELIZABETH: b. 2/22/1891 in N.Y.; d. 11/1968 in N.Y.; Parents: Frank H. and Elizabeth I.; Grandparents: John H. and Elizabeth C.


ELLIOTT: b. 12/5/1913 in Mass.; d. 4/1979 in Mass.; Parents: L.A. and Henrietta.


ELMER: b. 8/2/1901 in Or.; d. 3/5/1989; Paeents: Floyd and Marnie; Grandparents: Samuel and Celia.


ELMER: b. 4/12/1905 in S.D.; d. 12/1975 in Wa.; Parents: Harry E. and Emma.


ENA: b. 3/13/1906 i In.; d. 9/1980 in Fl.; Parents: Harry W. and Mattie B.


ERNEST E.: b. 8/22/1905 in Va.; d. 9/1981 in Fl.; Parents: Earl E. and Maud E. of Brookland,Va.


EVERETT: b. 6/28/1910 in Co.; d. 3/1970; Parents: Porter and Mabel;


FLEDA: b. 12/9/1888 in Ohio; d. 9/1971 in Wash. D.C.; Mother: Isabelle (Belle).


FRANCIS: b.4/7/1899 in Wy.; d. 11/9/1990; Parents: J.S. and Harriet in Pa.


FRANCIS: b.4/7/1899; d. 11/9/1990; Parents: Carl G. and Alose N. in Mich. 


FRANK: b.11/22/1899; d. 7/1966; Parents: William H. and Maria in Detroit,Mi.


FREDERICK: b. 3/11/1904 in Ohio; d. 8/28/1990; Parents: Albert and Amelia in Springfield,Ohio.


GEORGE: b. 4/7/1885 in Mn.; d. 7/1972 in Mn.; Parents: A.H. and Mary A. in N.Y.


GEORGE: b. 2/22/1897; d. 12/1971; Parents: Harvey S. and Helen in West Va.


GRACE: b. 3/4/1898 in Or.; d. 11/1979 in Or.; Husband: Edwin E., b. 1899 in Mass.


GRACE: b. 2/16/1899 in N.Y.; d. 8/1966 in Ohio; Husband: Charles E., b. 1900 in Pa; res. Yonkers,N.Y.


GUYER: b. 7/22/1895 in Mi.; d. 12/1977 in Mi.; Parents: Francis E.; b. 1867 and Bessie M. Guyer, b.1874 in  Mich.; res. in Adrian,Mi.; Grandfather: Marcus, b. 1830 in N.Y.; Grandmother: Eliza J. b. 1833; Aunt: Harriet, b. 1866.


HAROLD: b. 7/12/1903 in Mi.; d. 9/19/1990; Mother: Augusta.


HARRIET: b. 1/19/1880; d. 1/1968; Husband: Herbert L.;b. 1875 in Me.; res. in Lynn,Mass.


HARRIET: b. 5/5/1890 in Mass; d. 10/1973 in Mass.; Mother: Maria L.


HARRY: b.6/4/1894 in Mich.; d. 9/1967 in Mich.; Mother: Grace Cole, b. 1868.


HARRIET: b. 8/20/1896 in Wi.; d. 11/1966 in Wi. Parents: Charles and Hattie.


HATTIE: b.9/6/1887 in Ill.; d. 12/1982 in Ill.; Parents: Sidney B. and Hattie.


HAZEL: b. 8/8/1893 in Mass.; d. 9/1974 in Mass,; Parents: Percy F. and Hazel E.(West Springfield)


HELEN: b. 5/30/1888 in Calif,; d. 10/1968 in Calif.;  Husband Tom in Los Angeles.


HELEN: b. 10/19/1893; in Mass. d. 5/1980 in N.H.; m. Frederick J., b. 1891; Ch.: William,Virginia,Margery, and Beverly.


HELEN: b. 5/1895 in Mich.; d. 11/1990; may have m. Grant with a son Frank.


HELEN: b. 6/1/1909 in N.Y.; d. 9/1979 in N.Y.; Parents: Fred E. b. 1886 and Effie A. b. 1886.


HERBERT: 9/11/1881 in Mass.; d. 6/1980 in Calif.; Parents: David H. b. 1848 and Hattie A. b. 1857; George N. b. 1887 is a brother.


HERBERT: b. 12/27/1908 in Mich.; d. 11/19/1990; Parents: Carle G. b. 1888 in Mich. and Alose N. b. 1888 in Mich.; Siblings: Vovson, Robert E., Francis G., Margariti.


HERBERT: b. 4/25/1914 in Mass; d. 8/1987 in Md.; Parents: Clarence H. b.1890 in Mass. and Marion L. b. 1895; Grandparents: James F. b. 1857 in Mass. and Annie C. b. 1867; Aunts and Uncles: Teresa K., Harry H., Florence M.


HILDA: b. 3/7/1912 in N.Y.; d. 7/1982 in N.Y.; Husband: Clare E. b. 1900; Res. in Olean,N.Y.; Ch.: Minnie, b. 1918 and Leonard E. b. 1930.


HOWARD: b. 6/1/1895 in Calif.; d. 8/1971 in Calif.; Parents: Ernest J. b. 1860 in Ia. and Adeeen b. 1865 in Me.;Res. in Oakland Calif.; Brothers: Byron and Gifford; Grandparents: S.B. b. 1828 in Me. and Addie; Res. in 1870: Vinton,Ia.


HOWARD: b. 2/16/1914 in N.H.; d. 11/1984 in Fl.; Parents: George T. b. 1872 and Maud F. b. 1873; Siblings: Bernice, George, Wilma: Res. in Concord,N.H.


IONE: b. 4/26/1890; d. 9/1976; Res.: Wash D.C.; m. Wilbur D. b. i892.


ISABELLA: b. 3/2/1903 in Mich.; d. 12/1985 in Mich.; m. Elmer b. 1902 in Mich.; Ch.: Virginia M. and Rose.


IVA: b. 2/25/1894 in N.Y.; d. 9/1979 in N.Y.; m. Howard B. b. 1885 in N.Y.; Res.: Birmington,N.Y.; Siblings: Frank and Clara.


JAMES: b. 10/12/1904 in Ohio; d. 4/1967 in Ohio;Parents: William E and Ida C. Osgood; Grandparents: William and Francis of Goshen, Ohio.


JAMES(Blanchard) b. 7/16/1912 in Md.; d.10/1981 in Md.;  Parents: Sylvanus and Pearl of Mn.


James: b. 6/13/1924 in N.Y.; d. 12/1982 in N.Y.; Parents: John J. and Elizabeth of Brooklyn, N.Y.; Siblings: Agnes, John H., Daniel J., Doris C., William F.


JOHN: b. 11/10/1918; d. 2/1973; Parents: John and Emma of Ill.; Sisters: Beatrice and Margarette.


John: b. 10/29/1904 in Iowa; d. 12/1967 in Iowa; Parents: John and Ivas of Estherville, Iowa; Sister: Katherine.


John B.: b. 8/22/1915 in Mi.; d. 8/1980 in Mi.; Mother: Gertrude V. of Detroit,Mi.


JOYCE: b. 7/17/1900 in Pa. or S.C.; d. 12/1891 in S.C.; m. FRANK G. OSGOOD b. 1891 in Mass.; Ch.: Fred G. and Ronald; Parents of Frank: Frank and Ellen of Boston,Mass.


KELLY: b. 5/19/1898 in Ca. or Tx.; d. 9/1971.in Ca.; m. MARION H. b. 1903; Ch.: Floyd E. b. 1924; Res.: Riverbank,CA.


KENNETH: b. 3/7/1904 in Mi.; d. 4/1981 in Mi.; Sister Jessie b. 1906.


KENNETH: b.3/26/1913 in N.H.; d. 1/1975 in N.H.Parents: Charles C. and Stella; Siblings: Walter, florence, Myrtle.


LAWRENCE: b. 7/20/1921 in N.J.; d. 3/1985 in N.J.; m. ELSIE HENDRICKSON<10/31/1943; b. 10/6/1921; d. 1997.


LILLA: b.3/19/1891 in Ct.; d. 3/1985 in Vt.; m. Roland b. 1890; Parents of Roland: Jesse and Eunice; Brothers of Roland: Earl and Jesse; Res.: Lancaster, N.H.


LOUIS C.: b.11/23/1907 in N.J.; d. 5/1975 in N.J.; Parents: Howard L. and Rosie M. of Northhampton,N.J.; Grandmother: Lottie R.; Siblings: Wilbur and Norville.


LOUISE: b.11/10/1902 in Ill.; d. 4/1977; m. WILLARD P. OSGOOD b. 1897 in Ill.; Ch.: Willard P. b. 1921. Parents of Willard Sr.: James W. and Belle of Decatur, Ill.; Brother: Harold M.


MAMIE: b. 3/8/1886 in N.Y.; d. 6/1971 in N.Y.;m. PERCY b. 1896 in Wa.; Parents of Percy: Herbert and Florence of Walla Walla,Wa.; Siblings of Percy: Viria, Roy, George, Ethel.


MAHLON W.: b.12/10/1890 in IN.; d. 6/1965 in In.; Mother: Ida.of Concord, In.


MAE: b. 3/17/1894 in Ill.; d. 11/1970 in Ca.; unm. in 1930.


MARGARETTA: b. 7/19/1886 in Mass.; d. 8/1973 in Mass.; Sister: Grace of Weymouth,Mass.


Mary: b. 11/9/1888 in Mass.; d. 4/1975 in Mass. Parents: George and Eliza of Peabody, Mass.; Brother: Joseph.


Mary: b. 8/20/1897 in Mass.; d. 4/1980 in Ct.; Husband: MELVIN b. 1902; Ch.: Estelle R. b. 1927 in Haverhill, Mass.


MARY: b. 8/27/1898 in Ca.; d. 7/1979 in Ca.; Sister: Virginia of Los Angelos, Ca.; b. 1907.


MARY: b. 8/18/1888 in Ill.; d. 12/1971 in ill.; Res. in 1900: Boston,Mass. with Uncle-in law, Fred Rundlett; Res. in 1930; Chicago,Ill.


MILTON: b. 12/20/1908 in Oh.; d. 6/1985 in Oh.; Parents: John and Lillian of Bellvue,Ky.; Grandparents: George and Mary of Cincinnati,Oh.; Siblings of father: George, Ida, Nellie, Blanch, Alma, Ester, Richard.


 MINA: b. 1/27/1896 in Ill.; d. 11/1985 in Ill.; Father: Everett b. b. 1891 in Wi.; Grandparents: John and Malinda in Wi.


NETTIE: b. 8/6/1883 in Mass.; d. 9/1967 in Mass.; Husband: John A. b. 1884; res. in Clinton, Mass.


PAUL P.: b. 1/6/1885 in Ia.; d. 10/1969 in Ia.; Father: b. 4/1855 in Ky.; Mother: b. 6/1860 in In.


PHILLIP J.: b.5/10/1908; d. 5/17/1991; Father: Herbert  b. 1880 in Pa.; Mother: Efficia b. 1889 in Pa.


RACHAEL: b. 5/28/1886 in Mass.; d.8/1865 in Mass; Mother: Clara b. 1856 in Vt.; Sister: Helen b. 1885 in N.H.


ROLAND: b. 7/12/1919 in N.Y.; d. 6/20/1988 in N.Y.; res. in Ischua; Father: Bernedetta b.1867 in N.Y.; Mother: Manie b. 1877 in N.Y.


RUTH: b. 2/9/1882 in Mass.; d. 4/1979 in N.H.; Husband: Phillip M. b. 1885; res. Pittsfield, N.H.; Inlaws: Ang C. and Eva in Pittsfield in 1900.


SETH: b. 3/4/1916 in Ohio; d. 12/1986 in Ill.; Father: Fred W. b.1876 in N.H.; Mother: Marion b. 1884 in Mass.


SHERMAN: b. 5/19/1914 in Ohio; d. 9/3/1990; Father: Frank b. 1883 in Ohio; Mother b. 9/3/1990 in Ohio; res. in New Philadelphia,Ohio in 1930.


WARREN: b. 2/19/1911 in N.Y.; d 2/1972 in N.Y.; Father: Fred W. b. 1876 in Mass. Mother: Alice L. b. 1874 in Mass.; Grandparents: William L. and Adelaide L. of Hudson,Mass in 1880.


WARREN: b. 3/23/1908 in Mass.; d. 12/1980 in Fl.; Father: Warren A. b. 1879: Mother: Mary W. b. 1881; Sister: Audrey Mae b. 1912; res. in Norfolk,Mass. in 1930.


WENDELL: b. 5/23/1893 in Ca.; d. 8/1970 in Ca.; Father: Wendell b. 12/22/1855 in Can.; Mother: Nellie E. b. 10/29/1861; Brother: Albert b. 10/27/1892; res. Los Angeles, Ca. in 1900.


WILBUR: b.12/16/1878 in Ill.; d. 11/1974 in Ia.; Father: E.T. b. 1824; Mother: b. 1839 in N.Y.; Brother: Orin b. 1872; Sister: Angeline ; res. Neenah, Wi. in 1880; Grandparents b. in New England.


WILLIAM: b. 3/7/1881 in Mo.; d. 3/1974 in Tx.; Father: M.T. b. 1844 in Va.; Mother: Jennie (Boffman) b. 1853 in Ky.; Brothers: Samuel b. 1876; Warren L. b. 1883.


WILLIAM: b. 5/24/1915 in N.Y.; d. 10/1977; Grandfather: William P. Ham; res. in Brownville, N.Y. in 1920.


WILLIAM: b.1/25/1919 in Mass.; d. 10/1988 in Mass. Father: Fred W. b. 1879 in Mass.; Mother: Florence E. b. 1879 in N.H.; res. in Worcestor in 1920; Grandparents: William L. b. 1836; Adelaide L. b. 1841; res. Hudson, Mass. in 1880; Greataunts: Alice M. and Clara M.; Great Grandparents: David b. 1802 and Sarah H. b. 1804; res. Northborough, Mass. in 1850.


WILLIAM: b. 6/18/1926 in N.Y.; d. 9/1966 in N.Y.; Father: John J. b. 1886; Mother: b. 1894; Siblings: Agnes E. b. 1915; John H. b. 1919; Daniel J. b. 1921; Doris C. b.1923; James b. 1925; family res. in Brooklyn, N.Y. in 1930.


YVONNE: b. 7/25/1904 in Mass.; d. 4/1978 in Me.; Husband: Harold M. b. 1895; res. Lowell, Mass. in 1930; Father-in-law: David L. b. 1856. 




























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  • ANGUS OSGOOD, m. DEBORAH DURGIN; CH: LAURA, b.1814; d.1884.     
  • CHARLES OSGOOD, m. MARY E. PORTER; CH: ERNEST T., d.1891, an infant.
  • CHARLES OSGOOD, b.1870; m. MARY A. ; CH: PHYLLIS W., b.1895; CHARLES H., b.1898.
  • CHRIS OSGOOD, b.1973 (Goalie for Detroit Red Wings).
  • EDWARD OSGOOD, m. LOUISA ; CH: GRACE L., b.1812; d.1880.(Res: Hardwick, .).
  • EULALIE OSGOOD, PUBLISHER; b.3/7/1850; ("The Overall Boys" & "The Sunbonnet Babies Primer" abt. 1905).   
  • GEORGE OSGOOD, m. GRACE PRATT; CH: GEORGE, d.1876, AN INFANT.(Poss. res. in N.Y.).  
  • H.E. OSGOOD, d.7/15/1888(Thrown from his wagon).
  • HENRY OSGOOD, buried on 9/15/1907.
  • IRENE OSGOOD, m. MR. ANDREWS(She was in 1914 Who's Who Women).  
  • JAMES F. OSGOOD, b.1852; m. ELLA WHITTIER abt. 1876.
  • JOHN CUMMINGS OSGOOD, m. ELIZA , b.1804; d.1885.
  • MARY ANNAH OSGOOD, b.1876.  
  • MAURICE OSGOOD of Rochester; m. FRANCES E. , 1925; div.1937.
  • NELLIE OSGOOD, b. 11/1879.
  • SAMUEL OSGOOD, m. BELINDA ; CH: MARY A.B., b.1889.
  • S.B. OSGOOD, m. IDA KING; CH: FRANCIS, m. abt.1920, ______ BROWN. 
  • THOMAS OSGOOD, m. SARAH F. , b.1804; d.1874.
  • WILLIAM OSGOOD, d.1889.




b.= born
m.= married.
d.= died.
Res: = resides or residence.










  • ABRAHAM OSGOOD, b. 1851 in Russia; Res. in Boston, Mass.
  • ABRAHAM OSGOOD, b. 12/21/1729 in England; Res. in Windham, Maine.
  • ALBERT OSGOOD, b. 1865 in Germany; Res.: Chicago, Ill. in 1920.
  • ALFRED OSGOOD, b. 1820 in England; Res.: Pittsburgh, Pa. with wife  MARY and dau. LUVIA. 
  • BENJAMIN F. OSGOOD, b. 1858 in England; Res. in Salem, Mass.  
  • CHARLES OSGOOD, b. 11/1860 in Norway; Res.: Hartford, Ct. 
  • CHARLES L., b. 1857 in N.H.; changed name from FLINT to OSGOOD; Res,: Candia, N.H.
  • CHARLES H. OSGOOD, b. 1809 in Ireland; Res. in Boston, Mass.
  • CHARLES OSGOOD, b. 1850 in Ireland; Res. in Boston, Mass.
  • CHARLES OSGOOD, b. 5/1865 in Ohio; parents born in Germany; sister, MINNIE, b. 1869; Res,: Erie city, Pa in 1900; Occ.: mechanic.
  • CHARLES HENRY OSGOOD, b. 1863 in Scotland; d. 1905 in Louisville,Ky.; m. Leni Mednoza; Ch: CLAUD JACK, b Dec. 11, 1887; d. Sept. 10, 1965. 
  • CHARLES OSGOOD, b. in Ill. in 1900; Father b. in Russia; mother Mary; Brothers: Edward and Harry.
  • DANIEL OSGOOD, b. 1820 in England; Res, in Detroit, Mich.
  • DAVID S. OSGOOD, b. 1/1850 in Poland (Russia); Res.: Pittsburgh, Pa. 
  • EDWARD W. OSGOOD, b. 8/1842 in Va.; father born in England; m. MINERVA F. CALLOWAY b. 1841; Res.: Versailles, Ohio with eight children.
  • EDWARD F. OSGOOD, b. 4/24/1791 in Mass.; Res. in Salem, Mass.; oririnal family name was "Orne".
  • FRANK OSGOOD, b. 1875 in Ireland; Res; Boston, Mass
  • FRED OSGOOD, b. 1816 in Denmark; Res. in Denmark, Maine.
  • FREDERICK W. OSGOOD, b. 1870 in England; Res. in Lansing, Mich.
  • GEORGE OSGOOD, b.2/22/1891 in Wisc.; d. 5/1982 in Wisc.; Father born in England. 
  • GEORGE OSGOOD, b. 1822 in Greece; Res. in Plaquemines, La.
  • GEORGE L. OSGOOD, b. 1870 in Germany.

  • HARRY OSGOOD, b. in Russia; Res.: Brooklyn, N.Y.
  • HENRY OSGOOD, b. 1860 in England; Res. in Pendleton, S.C.
  • JAMES OSGOOD, b. 1826 in Ireland; Res. in Haverhill, Mass.
  • JAMES OSGOOD, b. 7/30/1831 in Pittsfield, Me.; original family name was Robbins; source: Town Historian.
  • JAMES OSGOOD. b. 1875 in England; Res. in Boston, Mass. 
  • JAMES OSGOOD, b. 1844 in Ireland; Res. in Yonkers, N.Y.
  • JOHANNA OSGOOD, b. 1828 in Ireland; Res,; Home For The Poor in Manhattan, N.Y. 
  • JOHN OSGOOD, b. 1880 in Austria; Res,: in East Patterson, N.J. in 1920 with wife MARION and seven children.

  • JOHN OSGOOD, b. 1808 in Ireland; Res. in Brooklyn,N.Y.
  • JOHN OSGOOD, b. 1844 in England: Res. in Washington and Cameron,Pa. with wife AGNES and five children; Occ.: miner. 
  • JOHN OSGOOD, b. 1894 in Poland; Res. in Atlanta, Ga.
  • JOHN OSGOOD, b.1902; res. in Ogdensburg, N.Y.; father born in England. 
  • JOSEPH OSGOOD, b. 1855 in Russia; Res. in Boston, Mass.; m. Bella Tomar; dau, Dora.
  • JUDSON OSGOOD, b.1850; d. 1922 in Conway, N.H..; parents born in England.
  • LEVY OSGOOD, b. 1829 in Ireland; Res,: in New York City with wife CATHERINE and four children in 1870. 
  • MAX OSGOOD, b. 1855 in Russia: Res. in Brooklyn, N.Y.
  • MORRIS OSGOOD, b 1871 in Poland; Res.: Pittsburgh, Pa. in 1900.
  • MORRIS OSGOOD, b. 1899 in Russia; Res.: in Philedelphia, Pa. in 1930.
  • ROBERT OSGOOD of Nova Scotia, Canada, m. MINNIE JOHNSON, b.1858; d. 1893. 
  • RUFUS OSGOOD, b. 1827 in England; Res. in Haverhill, Mass.
  • SAMUEL OSGOOD, b. 1857 in Denmark; Res. in So. Berwick, Maine.  
  • RICHARD OSGOOD, b. 1855 in Ireland; Res. in Yonkers, N.Y.
  • SAM OSGOOD, b. 1896 in Russia; Res. in Manhattan. 
  • SAMUEL OSGOOD, b. 1895 in Russia; Res.: Pittsburgh, Pa. 
  • SAMUEL OSGOOD, b.3/1878 in Poland; Res.; Pittsburgh, Pa.
  • SAMUEL, b. 2/1875 in Russia; Res.: Pittsburg, Pa.
  • SAMUEL OSGOOD, b. 1867 in Russia; Res.: Chicago, Ill. 
  • THOMAS OSGOOD, b.1858 in England; Res. in Cameron, Pa. with family of his older brother JOHN in 1870. 
  • WARREN B. OSGOOD,b. 1859; changed name from Flint to OSGOOD; Res,: Candia and Goffstown, N.H. 
  • WILLARD PALMER OSGOOD, b. in England; Res,; N.Y.City, Chicago and Decatue, Ill. 
  • WILLIAM OSGOOD, b. 1817 in Ireland; Res. in New York, N.Y.
  • WILLIAM OSGOOD, b. 5/19/1801 in England; Res. in Harsens Island, Mich.
  • WILLIAM B. OSGOOD, b. May 1845 in New York; Res, in Norfolk, Va. with wife Jamie; father born in England.
  • WILLIAM M. OSGOOD, b. 6/27/1872 in England; Res in Lewiston, Maine.
  • WILLIAM OSGOOD, b. 4/1876 in Mass.; Res in Methuen,Mass.; Father born in England.
  • WILLIAM OSGOOD, b. 1851 in England; res. in Cleveland, Ohio; m. Mary J.______; son Alfred.
  • WILLIAM OSGOOD, b. in England, Aug. 1840; Res. St louis, Mo.

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